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DPP launches A Producer’s Guide to File Delivery

As the UK broadcast industry moves towards full digital delivery, the DPP has launched A Producer’s Guide to File Delivery, a complete handbook that explains – from a production point of view – all that is involved and required in the new process.

The guide is published six months out from the 1st October, the date UK broadcasters will move to full digital delivery, and is a step-by-step guide to the process.  The handbook includes guidance on the key stages of file delivery:

  • Completing the Programme – final Video and Audio
  • Creating MXF Files
  • QC Checks – Eyeball tests and Automated QC
  • PSE Checks
  • Adding DPP Metadata
  • Delivering DPP Standard Programme File
  • Late Changes before TX

Commenting on the new Guide, Mark Harrison, DPP Chair, and Business Lead for the BBC’s End-to-End Digital Programme, said, “The move to file-based programme delivery is the big step needed to make the TV industry fully digital. It’s a momentous change. So the DPP has created this Guide to help Producers through that change, step by step. At first the new processes might seem daunting; but in practice the whole industry – broadcasters, facility houses, manufacturers and producers – are working with the DPP to make the transition as smooth as possible.”

A Producer’s Guide to File Delivery is available here.