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DPP Launches Cyber Security Guide

The DPP has today published a new guide, 10 Things You Need to Know About Cyber Security, to help production teams understand and act upon the key issues around cyber crime. Publication of the guide was enabled by next-generation data security, and DPP Member company, Vera.

The broadcast industry is facing an ever-increasing threat from individuals, organisations and even nations who want to disrupt, damage or alter programme output and supporting services. The introduction of fully digital and connected workflows has brought huge benefits; but it has also introduced new risks to programme making.

“The threat of cyber attack is simply one of the biggest issues facing our industry,” says DPP Head of Business Development, Andy Wilson. “Media companies are becoming an increasingly attractive target for cyber criminals. And programme files are dangerously easy to steal, copy, intercept or manipulate. This new ‘10 Things’ guide offers a starting point for productions when planning to mitigate these risks.”

The introductory guide aims to raise awareness for anyone interested in the challenges faced by productions in an ever more connected world. In an easy-to-read format, the guide explores where threats come from, highlights the needs for strong leadership in tackling cyber security and provides practical tips on how to protect your information and your most valuable assets from those intent on causing harm and disruption.

Broadcasters and digital media producers are struggling with the need to strike the right balance between content security and creative collaboration,” said Grant Shirk, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Vera. “These breaches are highly likely to occur when there are discrepancies between how data is protected and how creative teams want to operate. We’re very happy to support the DPP and their members to focus on the best ways to close these behavioural and content control gaps.

Haydn Jones, Account Managing Director at Fujitsu said: “Media companies are holding more data than ever before – ranging from the customer information used to offer a personalised service to content for broadcast. All this data can potentially be stolen and monetised by a hacker and cause loss of revenue or trust for the organisation. ‘10 things you need to know about cyber security’ created by the DPP is a user-friendly guide packed with sound, sensible and easy to implement top tips to keep your data safe.”

10 Things You Need to Know About Cyber Security adds to the DPP ’10 Things’ series, which also provides introductory guides to Digital Storage, Connectivity and UHD. This cyber security publication is the first in a series of DPP guides and events on the theme of trust and security that will be announced before and during IBC 2016.