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This year the DPP Technical Steering Group  (Kevin Burrows – Channel 4, Andy Tennant – ITV and Alan Whiston – BBC) decided to dedicate a full day to all things DPP at NAB.

The day started with a breakfast meeting (very American) with some industry leaders from major US broadcasters quizzing the DPP on the how, who and what to do / what to avoid when implementing a delivery standard. They have set up a taskforce to look at what can be collaborated on between the US broadcasters so it will be interesting to watch that space and see what transpires stateside this year and next.

On the supplier front there were visits to a selection of vendors whose toolsets are required in order to safely generate, assure, deliver and play AS-11 DPP material. Far from the conversation being ‘You are? And you have a DPP what?’, it really was: ‘Yes we have product now – would you like to see it?’ or ‘Yes we have prototype product for release at IBC – would you like to see it?’.

A lot of the suppliers we visited have already signed up for the DPP Compliance Programme, and had very positive feedback about their dialogue with UK production companies and the maturity of the discussions now taking place around file-based workflows.  This reassured us that the industry is gearing up and getting serious about refining file-based workflows not just repeating tape-based workflows with files.  Phew!!

File delivery to the AS-11 DPP standard is no longer a case of if, it’s now a very clear case of when. From broadcasters through to suppliers and production companies alike the quality of the conversation has matured markedly as have the product sets and the general level of knowledge around files and file-based working with the AS-11 DPP standard.  So the DPP’s experience of NAB was resoundingly positive this year!

For more information about the DPP’s current activities you can also watch this AMWA video featuring Andy Tennant and Kevin Burrows recorded at NAB.

This blog post was written by Alan.