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DPP Survey Gives Insight Into Consumer Tech Trends

The DPP today published a special new survey report, Decoding CES: Key Trends From the Consumer Electronics Show 2010-2016. The report looks at prominent innovations showcased at CES over the last seven years, and what they tell us about evolving consumer relationships with technology.

This research into trends at the world’s biggest consumer technology show was originally presented at the first HPA UK Tech Retreat, on 14 July 2016, and the publication of Decoding CES sees the findings now made available to all Members of the DPP.

“CES creates so much hype it’s not always easy to see what it’s really telling us,” says DPP Managing Director and author of the report, Mark Harrison. “But when you look at the trends over the last few years some important themes emerge. The story of CES in recent years is the story of how a battle began to own the relationship with the consumer through their data.”

Decoding CES demonstrates how many emerging consumer technologies – such as 3D and ‘second screen’ – have a four year cycle at the show during which they become hot, and then fall away. The survey finds that manufacturers are constantly seeking to innovate around the form of media content: when one attempt fails, or is adopted, they quickly move to another. But the rise of the internet of things, or ‘smart’ technologies, has been more steady – and inexorable.

“The trends of CES offer an important message to traditional broadcasters,” says Harrison. “CES has long cared about TVs and picture quality – but not about who produces those pictures. But now, with an emerging ecosystem of connected, data-led technologies, the internet giants are forming binding relationships with consumers. When those same internet giants are also content providers, those relationships really matter for the media industry.”

The DPP will release its report on CES 2017 directly after that show. In January next year the DPP will also be releasing its first set of media industry predictions, The DPP 2017 Predictions, using Member insight to predict innovation and uptake across both consumer and professional technologies.