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DPP Unveils New Metadata Application

The DPP has unveiled its new Metadata Application.

Born out of the partnership’s Technical and Metadata Standards for File-Based Programme Delivery, announced in January this year, the free-to-use downloadable application has been developed to enable standardised editorial and technical metadata for digital delivery with completed programme files.

The DPP’s member broadcasters have agreed a minimum set of common metadata to be delivered with a file-based programme. And, in a bid to encourage international adoption of its metadata standards, it has worked closely with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), mapping its minimum set of common metadata to existing ‘EBU-Core’ and ‘TV-Anytime’ metadata sets. 

By implementing pan-industry metadata requirements for the UK, the DPP aims to minimise confusion and expense for programme-makers, and avoid a situation where a wide range of different metadata standards and specifications proliferate. 

The new DPP Metadata Application provides an easy way to enter and embed the required data into the MXF programme files, making them compliant with the new AS-11 DPP standard. This is very much intended as an interim measure until equipment and system suppliers are able to offer this functionality within their systems.

The inclusion of key editorial and technical metadata will ensure a consistent set of information for the processing, review, and scheduling of programmes, as well as their onward archiving, sale and distribution.

Kevin Burrows CTO Broadcast and Distribution, Channel 4 and DPP Technical Standards Chair, said, “Having a standardised set of metadata for file-based delivery across the industry will ensure simple exchange and compatibility of programme information. It will also help reduce costs for independent producers as well as minimising confusion amongst programme makers and broadcasters.” 

Noreen Adams, BBC Head of Metadata and chair of the DPP Metadata Standards Working Group, added, “ Accurate metadata is now fundamental in identifying programmes and the agreed metadata standards contained within the DPP application helps to simplify file delivery for producers and broadcasters.”

In collaboration with the AMWA, the DPP developed the AS-11 standard to meet the needs of programme file delivery for all UK Broadcasters, and this was released in January earlier this year.

During 2012 BBC, ITV and Channel 4 will begin to take delivery of programmes on file on a selective basis. 

Production companies wishing to deliver by file should discuss this at the point of commission, and seek formal agreement with their broadcaster at the outset of production.  After a period of selective piloting, file-based delivery will be the preferred delivery format for these broadcasters from 2014.