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New Tech Spec for SD Commercials & Sponsorship

The DPP has today unveiled its Common Technical Delivery Specification for SD Commercial/Sponsorship content, which replaces many outdated standards and varying metadata requirements.

There will now be just one specification for delivering SD Commercials and Sponsorship content to ITV and Channel 4 as well as all other Broadcasters that take commercials from Channel Four Advertising Sales: UKTV channels; The Box Plus Network; PBS America; BT Sport.

As well as the move to the new EBU R128 recommendation for Audio Loudness, the new specification has a reduced clock and slate duration and reduced frames of Audio silence.

The Broadcasters will start to take delivery of SD Commercials and Sponsorship content to this Specification within the next two months.

Bill Brown, Head of Media Standards at ITV and the DPP Commercials Workstream Lead, said, “The publication of the new specification further demonstrates the DPP’s commitment to consolidating delivery specifications among major UK broadcasters, with the benefit of creating a more efficient and effective way of working. The engagement and contribution from IMD, Adstream, IPA, APA and the wider audio post community has been invaluable in this process, and the DPP is once again delighted by the spirit of collaboration that so many companies bring to our work.”

In addition to the specification announced today, the DPP will also be working with all appropriate parties in the coming weeks, in order to agree a process for the delivery of intentionally quiet commercials, a key aspect of the R128 recommendation.

Kim Knowlton, Broadcast Production Consultant for the IPA, added, “The IPA welcome the work the DPP has achieved with the new common technical specification for the delivery of SD commercials and sponsorship content, and their continued commitment to supporting the creative issues of the advertising industry.”

The Commercials & Sponsorship delivery specification will be extended to include HD delivery later this year, ahead of a planned introduction of HD commercials by UK Broadcasters from late 2015/early 2016.

This update will include an embedded metadata set as well as the interim xml schema, to enable the migration from existing broadcasters’ commercials workflows when applications are available to extract the metadata from the files directly.

This phase will also consider how the specification can be integrated into the existing AMWA AS-11 standard.

The full SD Commercials and Sponsorship Specification can be read here.