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Leaders Call for Collaboration on Machine Learning

In a new report, Home Truths: Automation, the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) brings together the views of senior leaders from across the media supply chain on the need to collaborate on some of the basic automation functions enabled by machine learning. The report comes from the latest event in the DPP AT HOME series, which brought together 20 senior executives at IBC 2017 and was enabled by DPP Member Prime Focus Technologies.

“There is growing commitment in the media sector to the kind of supply chain thinking that has brought greater efficiency in other sectors,” says DPP MD, and DPP AT HOME host, Mark Harrison. “Automation, enabled by machine learning, is seen as key. What is fascinating is that these industry leaders see more scope for collaboration than competition in introducing machine learning.”

The report summarises a discussion between executives from a range of companies, including Netflix, Google, Apple, Disney/ABC, Sky and Avid, and reaches five broad conclusions:

  1. No company can any longer afford to ignore supply chain thinking – but cultural resistance can still be a major obstacle, especially for well-established organisations
  2. Efficiency is important, not only for cost savings but because it brings clarity of purpose to an organisation
  3. Machine learning has the potential to free people to focus on applying more creativity where it really matters
  4. The demand for ever more personalised content may mean machine learning is applied to content delivery more rapidly than to content production – but it will drive data led decision making through all parts of the content process.
  5. There are some challenges that are common to all. There is an appetite for a whole new set of standards for how to automate basic media management processes.

Home Truths, Automation builds on the previous Home Truths report, Building the New Supply Chain, published by the DPP in June 2017.

The DPP’s next executive event in October is enabled by DPP Member CenturyLink and will look at current best practice in Cybersecurity.