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DPP Guide Brings Best Practice to Location Working

The DPP has today published its 10 Things You Need To Know About Location Workflows guide. It is now around ten years since production teams began to work with file-based content, and yet production companies still report that location workflows are a source of stress and confusion. The new guide seeks directly to address this problem.

“The move to file-base shooting has brought many benefits says DPP Managing Director, Mark Harrison. “But the lack of standardisation of location workflows and technologies, combined with the inherent pressure of being on the road, has meant that many of the challenges that emerged a decade ago are still there today.”

The new guide was created following an in-depth DPP event on location workflows, with expert input from Blast Films, the BBC, The Farm, Mission Digital and freelancer Jonathan Smiles. The impact of UHD, connectivity, the role of the DIT and Data Wrangler, as well as approaches to planning and testing, are just some of the subjects explored by the guide.

“High-end productions can now find themselves managing around 40TB of programme content per day. That’s a serious data management challenge by any standard. adds Mark Harrison. “Going on location is now a major piece of workflow design, and production teams deserve all the help they can get to address that challenge with confidence.”

The new report is the fifth in the 10 Things Guide series of DPP reports, which are particularly tailored to the production community. Previous guides have explored Cyber Security, Connectivity, UHD and Digital Storage. The guides are made available free of charge to all DPP Members – which includes nearly a hundred production companies.