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UK Broadcasters Share Technology Challenges

The DPP has today published the output from its inaugural Meet The… event. The evening brought together six of the UK’s digital leaders in broadcasting to share with DPP Members the biggest challenges facing their organisations and the wider industry.
The new report Meet The… UK Broadcasters summarises this exclusive DPP discussion – highlighting the problems that broadcasters feel are affecting their companies.

“What’s striking is how much these different broadcasters have in common,” said DPP Managing Director, Mark Harrison. “And time and again they return to the need for suppliers to start working in partnership with broadcasters – and with each other. In a complex, connected ecosystem there is simply no other way of responding to the challenges faced by us all.”

In the new report industry leaders from Channel 4, UKTV, Sky, ITN, BBC and ITV discuss fragmentation, new buying models, security, finding talent and innovation. As Matthew Postgate, Chief Technology and Product Officer, BBC highlighted “I actually think one of the values of coming together as a community is to identify where there is consensus so we can address problems together”.

The DPP held this special event in partnership with digital media solutions specialists, Fujitsu. Haydn Jones, Managing Director – Media, Fujitsu summed up the mood of the discussion: “The level of change that is affecting the media industry today is unparalleled. The broadcasters shared a vision of where they believe the sector needs to be, but it’s up to technology companies like Fujitsu to develop products and services that deliver the solutions that they need: from solving the fragmentation of platforms to developing scalable services that offer broadcasters infrastructure on-demand. It’s a great set of problems to solve”.

The new report is the first in the Meet The... series of DPP events and reports, which will bring together different groups across the media sector to share developments and challenges. A second report, Meet The… Rising Stars, about innovation within start-up companies, will be published in January.