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IMF-MM-API Hackathon

The DPP is hosting a virtual hackathon around the IMF Media Management API. It was kicked off during our “Tech Workshop” on 6th November, and will conclude with a plenary on 9th December.

The deadline for entry to the competition has now passed – but you can still join the hackathon if you have ideas and resources to contribute!
We would love to hear from you, and if you bring some code to the party, we will boost you at the plenary and in our marketing. Final submissions of code are due on 03. December, 23:59 GMT!

Here is a short clip from our event with Bruce and Gill explaining the idea of the hackathon:

All the information you need to take part is in the participant guide.

Participants need to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

If you are keen to participate but have not been hit by inspiration particles yet, here are a few proposals that were discussed at the event and in conversations since. We would still expect you to link these to an actual use case of your organisation or that of a client of yours – but if in doubt, register anyway and get in touch with us, we might find you a supporter for your idea!

  • API Security: From basic tokens, to “zero-trust API” to layered access control at frame-level of essence files – right now the API has no security model attached, and any proposals are welcome!
  • The API indexes by UUID, but items referenced in the Sidecar Composition Map might not have a UUID. They will be hashed though, so a hash-index could provide reverse lookups, e.g. linking a QC report to a CPL.
  • The API endpoint could be implemented in other programming languages, optimized for specific architectures, made infinitely scalable, localised into Esperanto…
  • If you have heard of AMWA NMOS IS-04 you might fancy your chances of bringing their concept of nodes and the nodes of our API endpoints a few steps closer to each other?
  • assets might be duplicated across connected nodes for various reasons. It might be useful to choose which node to retrieve an asset from based on transaction cost?
  • …we will add some more here as we come across them!

For more background and inspiration, here are the recordings of our three presentations from the Tech Workshop:

Introduction to the workshop on component-based media asset management (MAM) by Rowan de Pomerai (DPP), followed by Mark Himsley (BBC Design & Engineering) talking about the long-established, federated BBC News MAM “Jupiter” which among other features tracks copyright and permission on a frame-by-frame basis.

Bill Baker from Dalet presents design considerations of their cloud-based MAM, especially with a view to APIs.

Bruce Devlin, a.k.a. “Mr. MXF”, shares the background, design goals and current status of the imf-mm-api which is at the heart of our hackathon. Some of the Q&A around expansions is included.