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With more and more versions of each piece of content being produced for more countries and delivered to more devices, it’s become highly important to develop more efficient workflows for creating, storing and exchanging versions.

Technology is making the world seem ever smaller, yet perhaps now more than ever, your audiences want their locality and their culture reflected in the media they consume. It’s increasingly the case that you can’t be a global player unless you’re a local player too. IMF can help.

Publication of the DPP IMF for Broadcast & Online specification gives us a fantastic head start in creating automated workflows to ensure that our costs are kept under control as versioning expands.
– Tim Bertioli, VP International Operations, VICE Media

We’re working on the development and implementation of IMF across programme content and advertising:

DPP Certified - IMF for Broadcast & OnlineDPP Certified

The DPP Test Lab offers a testing programme for products and services which are designed to support IMF for Broadcast & Online. This allows buyers to choose your products with confidence, knowing they’ll be truly interoperable.

You can find out more about the programme here.

Get Involved

If you’re a DPP member, you can get involved in our IMF work in the following ways:

  • Keep informed about our progress by joining the monthly IMF stakeholder group
  • Help shape the progress of the specification by joining our IMF technical working group
  • Understand how to approach IMF implementation within your organisation by joining the IMF implementation group
  • Submit your products for testing and certification through the DPP Test Lab
  • Attend our IMF events

To find out more or take part, please contact Programme Delivery Manager, Gill Reston.

If you’re not a DPP member, contact us to find out more, or take a look at our membership information