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IMF for Advertising

Online advertising has changed beyond recognition over the past five years with the introduction of personalised and hyper-targeted adverts. Recently, broadcast platforms have also started to offer addressable advertising. 

We’re working with DPP members to generate a common framework for delivering a high volume of advertising content with IMF. We’re also looking at how component-based workflows will bring efficiencies across the supply chain and unlock new commercial opportunities.  

By using our previously published IMF documents as the foundation for this work, we will ensure that personalisation can be achieved through best practice models common to both programming and advertising.

These publications mark the first step in our thinking:

1. The Business Benefits for IMF for Advertising
2. Recommendation DPP003: Carriage of User Metadata in IMF
3. DPP IMF Delivery Requirements for Advertising [template] – coming soon!

Further publications will follow in the coming months.  If you would like to help shape the direction of this work, please contact Gill Reston for more information.