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Cloud Post Production


Delve into the different phases of post production, and the different cloud-based tools that can be used in each.


Cloud Post Production Summary


Delve into the different phases of post production, and the different cloud-based tools that can be used in each.

Live Remote Production


Explore the brand new agreed definitions of live remote production models, and discover which will dominate in the long term.


Next Gen Production


From a small digital agency to a Hollywood studio, how are production companies using the cloud as a key production tool? And are they gaining a competitive advantage?


The Production Business


The first ever survey of how production companies produce, completed by 57 production companies of all sizes and kinds


Survey Report: The Business Benefits of IP Production


The first ever assessment of where companies can expect to see the greatest ROI from committing to IP-based production

Survey Report: Connectivity Supply to Production


Identify the kind of connectivity provision appropriate to your production campany’s needs, with an indication of costs and type of service

Survey Report: Connectivity & Production


How do production companies use connectivity? What do they spend? What quality do they get? And what role could connectivity could have in their future?

DPP Guide to UHD Production Workflows


What are the key considerations when producing UHD content? Productions teams can learn about current industry best practice, enabling a proactive approach

The DPP 2022 Predictions


In 2022, our experts say that the media industry is determined to grow despite setbacks. Find out what the other key predictions are.

Working Live


Explore how recent developments that have revolutionised live production, including the coronavirus pandemic, have impacted workforces.


Content Creation


Essential reading for production companies and their suppliers. Do you have the resilience and ingenuity to succeed in an uncertain future?


Will Covid-19 Change The Way We Work?


In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the media industry moved to remote working quickly and well. But what happened next? We uncover a rollercoaster of anxiety and uncertainty in this special report.


DPP Auxiliary Image Sequence

This white paper describes how DPP006 (Auxiliary Image Sequence) can enhance the Interoperable Master Format to enable compositing workflows.

DPP005 IMF Operational Guidance

This Guidance document helps adopters to make sense of IMF standards, specifications and terminology, and understand their impact on workflows.


Metadata Exchange for News Infographic

A one-page explainer highlighting the key benefits that have been mapped to the Planning, Acquire & Finish, and Delivery stages of framework

MeX for News Delivery 5b

An example file showing a complex Delivery Structure from the output of a Newsrooom MAM system at the Delivery stage where clips have unique rights/restrictions.

MeX for News Delivery 5a

An example file showing a simple Delivery Structure from the output of a Newsrooom MAM system at the Delivery stage.

MeX for News Acquire & Finish 4b

An example file showing the output of a local field edit in the Acquire & Finish stage, with an in-field edit comtaining clips originating from multiple sources.

MeX for News Acquire & Finish 4a

An example package made up of clips from multiple sources at the Acquire & Finish stage. One clip is original, one copied from another device, and one from a new device.

MeX for News Acquire & Finish 3b

An example file showing the output of a capture device in the Acquire & Finish stage with an internal edit on the camera.

MeX for News Acquire & Finish 3a

An example file showing the output of a local field edit in the Acquire & Finish stage with an in-field edit and clips originating from the same source

MeX for News Acquire & Finish 2b

An example file showing the output at a capture device during the Acquire & Finish stage with two short clips that are stored as a contiguous file.

MeX for News Acquire & Finish 2a

An example file showing the output at a capture device during the Acquire & Finish stage with two recorded clips, one with a keyframe.

MeX for News Planning 1b

An example file showing the output of a Newsroom planning system at the Planning stage. The story has been assigned to be sent to 1 capture device.

MeX for News Planning 1a

An example file showing the output of a Newsroom planning system at the Planning stage. The story has been assigned to 2 devices both receiving the same metadata.

A Producer's Guide to File Delivery


Guidance on the end-to-end file delivery process from file creation (AS-11) and metadata insertion through to QC and delivery

10 Things You Need to Know About Going Live Online


Which online platforms do professional content producers need to consider? How to get set up and deliver your content effectively online

Meet The… Online Pioneers


Facebook, Fulwell 73 and Silverback Films reveal the new creative processes behind their creation of the best premium content for online distribution

Home Truths No.7 The DPP 2017 Predictions


The first ever DPP 2017 Predictions, drawn up in consultation with subject matter experts from the whole media supply chain

10 Things You Need to Know About Location Workflows


What are the roles, activities and technologies that give everyone the best chance of managing the pressures of location working successfully?

Survey Report: New Content Creators


The first ever qualitative research into the operational models of new content creators and their suppliers

Metadata Exchange for News Benefits Overview

This document looks at the benefits across the entire workflow of using a common set of metadata for exchanging news content.

DPP Guide to Digital Archiving


"Which media should I store & where? How will I know it’s safe? How long should I keep it & how will I find it again? How much will it cost me?"

File Delivery: The Story So Far


What made the DPP’s implementation of file delivery in the UK, on 1st October 2014, such an extraordinary example of pan-industry collaboration?

10 Things You Need to Know About Digital Storage


Where and how could you store your new digital content? And how can you make it safe, retrievable and affordable for the long term?

The Creative Revolution


"How are digital technologies changing creativity? Is the partnership between creativity and technology being strained by change – or invigorated?"

The Coming Storm?


How are cloud technologies and processed being applied to broadcast technologies and key media business areas?

The Bloodless Revolution


Practical tips for anyone delivering an end-to-end digital production. Plus, a checklist to help ensure the smoothest route through the production jungle.

The Reluctant Revolution


What are the barriers to end-to-end digital for production? And how could changes in the market, technology and processes tear those barriers down?

Hybrid Working in the Media Industry


Where has the media sector settled in its post-pandemic recovery? Read DPP's hybrid working report to find out.


Demand vs Supply: What's the score? (NAB 2023)


How well are technology suppliers meeting the demands of their customers in the media industry? For the first time, the DPP has reported from the NAB show.


Streaming at Scale


Examine the different elements of a large scale streaming solution, from video delivery to subscriber management and user experience.


Cloud Playout


Investigate the different use cases for playout and why media companies are moving it into the cloud.


Automating Media


Explore the deployment and potential of automation, and how it's enabling the direct to consumer revolution.


Supplement for HDR

This document provides guidance on the technical and operational practices used during the production of HDR programmes.

10 Things You Need to Know About Cyber Security


What are the cyber security challenges faced by productions, and where do they come from? Practical tips on how to protect your content.

10 Things You Need to Know About Connectivity


An introductory guide to the basics of connectivity and how the particular requirements of our industry translate into services you might consume.

10 Things You Need to Know About Ultra High Definition


What is UHD? What do the technical terms mean? And how it will affect TV production? Designed for the non-techical reader

Home Truths No.1 Reaching Nirvana - Over IP


Do we know what IP production and broadcast really mean? Where are we on the technology journey? And what exactly are the business benefits?



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