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DPP At Home: No. 17 – Content Delivery

Subject: Preparing for a post-broadcast world

The rise of online viewing seems unstoppable, across SVOD, AVOD, and live streaming. Even traditional broadcast events are being streamed online to millions, from ATP Tennis on Amazon Prime Video to La Liga on Facebook. And of course, every major broadcaster now offers their channels streamed over IP as well as on DTT, Satellite and Cable.

With the rise of mobile data services, radio spectrum is increasingly valuable. Already we see the 700MHz spectrum being cleared across Europe, taking frequencies previously used for TV broadcast and repurposing them for 5G mobile services.

So how long does broadcast TV have left? Will all content – including live channels or events – eventually be delivered over IP? And what will that mean for the content distribution chain?

This DPP at Home event will explore these questions, to understand where the challenges and opportunities lie, and to identify if any industry-wide interventions are required to enable the transition to happen more smoothly.

This event is open to invited DPP Members.


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