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DPP AT HOME – Number 6

DPP AT HOME is an invitation-only Members’ event that brings together around 20 DPP Members to focus their knowledge and experience on addressing a particular topic.

Number 6: Can Programme Data Make You Rich?

Big data. It’s really important. That’s what we keep being told.
But which data? Why? How should it be captured; when; and to what business advantage?

Data analytics around audience consumption – particularly online – are becoming increasingly sophisticated. But what about data that’s attached to content on its journey from production to the consumer? This is the data that’s supposed to provide crucial business analytics, enable automation, power search and enrich the consumer experience.

The trouble is this much-predicted world of data-rich content never seems quite to happen. Why?

At the next DPP AT HOME we will solve the great data mystery, using the expertise of you and a select group of other industry professionals to generate focused insight on where, how and in what form the media industry can make the best of content data.

This event is only open to invited DPP Members.

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If you are a Member and didn’t receive an invitation on this occasion you can contact us for further information about invitations to future DPP AT HOME events.