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DPP Forum – October 2014

Digital Storage: the Experience!

At IBC on 13 September we’ll be releasing a particularly handy new guide to the rollercoaster world of digital storage.

In our constant determination to bring you all the fun of the fair, the DPP is offering a chance to experience that guide in real life.

So at the next DPP Forum, to be held on 1 October, the day the UK goes file-based:

  • We’ll bring to life just what it means to store larger, or smaller, amounts of material.
  • We will show you what some of the technical hardware actually looks like.
  • We’ll log into real, live digital storage systems so you can see how they work in practice – and what the differences are between them.
  • All brought to you by a group of expert speakers who know how to put this subject into language we can all understand.


We very much hope you’ll join us. We have a feeling we’re all going to learn a lot!