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Fujitsu World Tour

The Fujitsu World Tour will take place at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge, on 28th June.

It will be focusing on the rapid acceleration of digital technologies, and examining the ways in which they are fuelling innovation and transformation in every possible sense.

Andy Wilson, DPP Head of Business Development will join the panel on Trust & The Role of Technology.

Trust is everything. Whether creating, sharing or consuming content it pervades all parts of the digital experience. Whereas in its earliest form, content was created to educate, entertain and inform, it’s now central to driving commercial business models, from promoting pizza to selling space travel. At each hand off across the value chain, there needs to be digital integrity in establishing trust to deliver a seamless experience. Any breakdowns will erode trust and damage brand, ultimately destroying value. And fragmentation across systems and processes makes the challenge so much harder. In this session, we look at what digital trust means for broadcast and media organisations, the common business challenges, and what technology’s role is in protecting your organisation.

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