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Interoperability Day – 21st October 2014

These workshops are primarily an opportunity for manufacturers to create, exchange and test files for interoperability. Considerable progress has been made by many manufacturers and systems suppliers in planning and implementing the AS-11 DPP standards following our previous workshops and the launch of the Compliance and Certification programme.

This next workshop will continue this process, and we would encourage manufacturers to create sample AS-11 DPP files in advance of the workshop in order to maximise the benefit of the session, and bring any equipment you need to facilitate the exchange / testing of files in the afternoon session.

In the morning there will be an update on the DPP’s Compliance Programme and other DPP activities, and then include some case studies from individual manufacturers about their products which integrate AS-11 DPP functionality.

Members of the DPP will be available for any questions or queries you may have throughout the day.

Registration via Eventbrite.  Please contact Melissa Nicholson if you haven’t already received a promotional code & would like to attend.