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Securing Creativity

Securing Creativity makes cyber security in the media industry real by bringing producers and security specialists together to talk about the realities of keeping content, contributors and consumers safe.

Every single day production companies and their suppliers handle vast amounts of highly sensitive information on the people who take part, make and consume their content. One security breach could destroy that trust, ruin people’s lives and destroy a company’s reputation.

So what does the production community do to minimise risk while maximising creativity?

High quality speakers, practical information and quality networking make this an essential DPP members only event for media professionals with security in their portfolio.

Speakers include:

Alice Webb, Director, BBC Children’s and Education, BBC
Making Children’s Content Safe
BBC Children’s and Education is one of the world’s oldest and largest producers of children’s programming. It is seen as the benchmark for child-safe content. So how does it ensure the safety of their young contributors, presenters and audiences?

James Archer, Privacy Champion, ITV Studios
Keeping Reality Private
Love Island and 24 Hours in A&E are just two examples of the hugely popular shows made by ITV Studios. But these, and other reality TV and fly-on-the-wall documentaries, pose huge and unique privacy challenges. Find out what those challenges are and how ITV Studios supports individual productions tackling privacy issues.

Rajan Kapoor, Director of Security, Dropbox
How Secure is your Supplier?
Incentivised bug hunting programmes for finding vulnerabilities are well known within the security field, but they aren’t as well understood by IT decision makers at non-cloud companies. This session explores what bug bounty programmes are, and why they are now critical when determining if the cloud providers that productions wish to work with are taking the right steps to protect production data.

Further speakers to be announced

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16th October 2019, London